NorthShore Program Options

Travel Player

Travel Players attend all practices and travel to tournaments for competition.  Playing time is not guaranteed for any player.  The number of travel players on a team may vary, depending on offensive/defensive systems.  Teams will be capped at 15 players, including travel and practice players.  Teams will typically consist of 8-12 travel players.


Practice Player

Practice players are trained as part of the travel team, but do not participate in tournaments.  Each travel team will have 3-6 practice players.  Practice players may be asked to participate in a tournament if a travel player is injured, sick, or otherwise unable to participate.  This is a great option for families that can’t commit to a full tournament schedule, and is a valuable alternative to individual/group lessons and camps. 


Developmental Player

Developmental players are trained as a team but do not travel to tournaments.  Players are trained in teams with positions and learn serving/passing, setting/attacking, offensive/defensive strategies.  Developmental teams will scrimmage in-house and potentially with other area teams.  Developmental teams will be capped at 15 players to ensure efficient practices and maximize opportunities for improvement.


Season Information

NorthShore traditionally runs a Winter season from mid-December until early March and a Spring season from early March until the beginning of June.  That will continue to be an option, but we may also offer a hybrid season if there are enough players interested in traveling to larger tournaments and committing to more intense coaching and competition.

Teams will typically participate in four to six 2-day events during the Winter and Spring seasons.  Locations usually include Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit, and Northern Indiana.  A hybrid season would consist of 8-10 larger events, possibly including Cleveland, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Chicago.