NorthShore Volleyball Programs and Frequently Asked Questions


Travel Players – Travel players participate in all practices and attend all tournaments. Players
are encouraged to participate in both Winter and Spring seasons, but single season
memberships are available. Each season consists of 4-6 tournaments/events. Some teams do a
mix of 1-day and 2-day tournaments and some do only 2-day tournaments. Cost – $850 for one
season or $1500 for both seasons.

Practice Players – Each travel team carries 4-6 practice players. These players are a part of the
team, but they don’t travel to tournaments unless a travel player has an injury or can’t come to
a tournament for another reason. Practice players participate in all practices and drills and
receive the same training as travel players. This is good for families that have other time
commitments. It is also a valuable training opportunity without incurring the other costs of
being a travel player. Cost – $295

Developmental – A group of 12-16 players is trained as a team but don’t participate in
tournaments. The players are trained in positions and participate in drills/modified games to
learn the fundamental skills and concepts of volleyball. The Developmental teams usually
scrimmage other teams in-house toward the end of each season. Cost – $295

National Program – Some teams will be traveling to Orlando for AAU Nationals. This is an additional cost to pay for coaching, gym space, coach transportation and house, plus other fees. The base fee is $400. If a team earns a bid the fee will be $300.

This season the the YMCA fees are rolled into the player costs in lieu of memberships for each player.

Why NorthShore?

Our mission is to provide the best Club Volleyball experience in Northern Michigan! We have a united and experienced coaching staff. We offer clinics, private lessons, and camps for all skill levels. We have a culture of respect for each other as well as a love for the game of volleyball.

Season / Practices

What are the seasons?
Tryouts: End of November (Dates TBD)
Winter season: December 2021 – early March, 2022
Spring season: early March 2022 – mid June, 2022

When are practices?
We practice Tuesdays, Thursdays, and non-tournament Sundays at the YMCA South or another gym in TC. We also offer setter training on Wednesdays in TC.  Weekday practices are 4:00-6:00, 5:30-7:30, or 7:00-9:00. Sunday practice times rotate, but will be between 10:00am-4:00pm. Times may change this season to reduce numbers in the gym at any one time. 

What’s covered by fees?
Fees cover coaching costs, gym space, equipment, uniform tops, tournament registrations, etc. They do not cover other travel fees including gas/food/lodging.

Are payment plans available?
Yes, the standard payment plans are monthly but we can be flexible in finding something that works for your family.

Where are tournaments?
Tournaments are in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit, Fort Wayne, and a few teams will be going to Cleveland for one tournament. Some teams may also be going to AAU Nationals in Orlando, Florida.


Trying Outs FAQ

When are tryouts?
We have one main tryout for Winter AND Spring season at the end of November. Please see our indoor volleyball tryouts page for more information. We often offer a spring tryout for our spring season. However, this is just to fill a few spaces for spring teams.

Do you have tryouts for beach volleyball?
At this point, tryouts are unnecessary, as we have plenty of space for players. 

What are you looking for in a player? Do I  need to be the best player on my middle school / high school team?
We are looking for any player who has a good attitude, a solid work ethic, and a commitment to teammates. We are here to provide the best possible volleyball experience for players of any skill level. We offer multiple programs for all skills levels.

Can we tryout for other clubs and still try out for NorthShore?

Yes. However, other clubs may set a deadline to commit to a team well before our tryouts even begin.

Can we travel/practice for another club and also travel/practice for NorthShore?
Not at this time. We want players to focus completely on the teams they are on.

Can you guarantee a spot for my child if she’s been offered a spot at another club? It depends. Each year we place over 98 percent of the players who try out and wish to be part of NorthShore. From travel players, to practice players, to developmental players, we have a lot to offer. If your player has been made an offer from another club and you would prefer to play for NorthShore, we suggest you email our director Travis Baker and discuss the details.

Can we play for another club and get private lessons from NorthShore coaches?
Yes. Please contact us for private volleyball lesson information.

Can I decline an offer?
Yes. Please respond as soon as possible so that position opens up for another player.