Player Fees

Program / Membership Types 2023

Travel players participate in all practices and attend all tournaments as a member of competitive team. Each season consists of 4-6 tournaments/events. Some teams do a mix of 1-day and 2-day tournaments and some do only 2-day tournaments. Travel teams are very competitive and earning a spot on a top team is quite challenging.  We have travel teams for 12s (and under!), 13s, 14s (2 teams), 15s (2 teams), 16s (2 teams), 17s, and 18s (potentially 2 teams). 

Winter Travel Players
Our winter season starts in December, with possible training events during winter vacation. The season ends in early-to-mid March. The first tournament will be early January for most teams. Winter only costs – 850.  Some Winter only players may be invited to attend Nationals, but priority is given to spring only players with all other considerations being equal.  Winter plus National cost 1250. 
Spring NATIONAL Travel Players
Last year over half of our teams went to Nationals.  All teams are eligible to go to Nationals in June in Orlando, depending on interest and with Director approval. Each team is unique, but we expect all teams to work toward being a Nationals team. Spring season starts in early-to-mid March and finishes after Nationals in mid-to-late June. Spring National only cost: 1250. Winter travel plus Spring Nationals cost: 1900. Most teams do National Fundraising, so the cost is often reduced by 200-400. 
Spring non-national Travel Players
If Nationals is not your thing, we will have plenty of positions for athletes to play on a spring team! There will even be a few spots on some National teams for athletes not going to Nationals, so there are plenty of opportunities for athletes. Spring only cost: 850. Winter plus spring: 1500. 
Players are encouraged to participate in both Winter and Spring seasons (in some form) as this will help their placement on teams. 
Practices are most Tuesday and Thursday nights, and non-tournament Sundays.
Each travel team carries 4-6 practice players to reach an optimal team of 15-16 athletes. These players are a part of the team, but they don’t travel to tournaments unless a travel player has an injury or can’t come to a tournament for another reason. Practice players participate in all practices and drills and receive almost the same training as travel players. This is good for families that have other time commitments. It is also a valuable training opportunity without incurring the other costs of being a travel player. Practices are most Tuesday and Thursday nights, and non-tournament Sundays. Cost – 295 / season.


A group of 15-20 players is trained in fundamental skills through drills, team building, and game-like competitions. This program is great for newer-to-the-sport athletes, or athletes who need more fundamentals. They don’t participate in tournaments. The Developmental teams usually scrimmage other teams in-house toward the end of each season. Practices are generally Wednesday nights, and non-tournament Sundays. Cost – 295 / season.


Any athlete 15 years or older can join our Future Coaches program. Students are taught the fundamentals of practice planning, game strategy, volleyball rules, and much more. Most students also co-coach a 4th or 5th grade LEAP volleyball team! Class starts in January and meets about 6 times. Cost: 50. 
This season the the YMCA fees are rolled into the player costs in lieu of memberships for each player.

One season no Nationals – 850
Two seasons no Nationals – 1500
One season with Nationals – 1250
Two seasons with Nationals – 1900
Practice/Developmental – 295/season
Future Coaches Program – 50