Tryout Results

Hello NorthShore families,

We had a record-breaking number of athletes at tryouts this year. While this is wonderful in many ways, it also means we have more athletes receiving no offer than we have ever had. This makes an already challenging time even more challenging for athletes, coaches, and parents. We truly want to coach every athlete that comes in to our gym. We just do not have the gym space, nor the gym time. 

While there is a great amount of excitement, there is also a good deal of disappointment. These placements are always a great time to talk to your athlete about what they love, and why they want to do they things they do.

Whether or not your athlete was selected, know that we want the best for all these youth athletes. 

Tryout Results. PLEASE — Please LOOK EVERYWHERE for your tryout number. You may also want to use the search option in the file and enter the tryout number.  An athlete may be travel for one season, and practice for another. One season they may play at one grade group and another season with a different grade group. We do not have enough travel positions for all athletes, so some athletes trying out for travel positions may be offered a practice position. Due to the large number of athletes, we’ve also added the NO OFFER section. With all the numbers we do make mistakes! So if your number is not listed, or if you know a mistake has been made, please contact us.

ACCEPT/DECLINE Please fill this out as soon as you can. This is due tomorrow, Sunday, December 4th at 5pm! If you do not want your offer, we can then offer that to another athlete. We have done our best to balance all the factors in placement: what an athlete needs, what a team needs, and what the club needs. 

AAU MEMBERSHIP – Use club code W34E55 to attach to our club.  Using this code is required, so if you already have a membership, please go in to make sure you are linked to our club with the code. 

Our first practices start this Tuesday! Please check out our practice schedule here: 
SEASON INFORMATION. This document has the PRACTICE SCHEDULE, tournament schedule, and hotel room blocks! 

Many teams may attend Nationals in June if there is interest and director approval.  More info will be shared as it becomes available.  

Questions? Email: for basic ones. for the hard ones. 

Travis Baker and the NorthShore Coaching Staff