Tryout Results

Here are our tryout results!

 This is NOT all of the results. On Sunday night we will release the rest of the results which will include the Developmental athletes for 12-14 and the practice athletes for 14s, 15s, and 16s.  Please LOOK EVERYWHERE for your tryout number. An athlete may be travel for one season, and practice for another. One season they may play at one grade group and another season with a different grade group. We do not have enough travel positions for all athletes, so some athletes trying out for travel positions may be offered a practice position. (And some of those won’t be listed on Sunday.) Tryout Results!

While there is a great amount of excitement, there is also a good deal of disappointment. These placements are always a great time to talk to your athlete about what they love, and why they want to do they things they do. 

Accept or decline Form. Please fill this out as soon as you can. For anyone listed tonight, this is due by tomorrow, Saturday December 4, at 5:00pm.  If you do not want your offer, we can then offer that to another athlete. We have done our best to balance all the factors in placement: what an athlete needs, what a team needs, and what the club needs. It is never perfect. This season we have had a record number of athletes trying out for the same amount of positions. Again, we wish we could place all athletes, but that is not possible this season.  

Upcoming Schedule!
We start right away, with practices on Tuesday! And, for our 13 Gold, 14 Gold, 15 Gold, 16 Gold, 18 Gold, 18 Silver teams we ware in Grand Rapids on Saturday and Sunday! 

Please see our full schedule. Lives are busy, and now that placements have been made, it is really important that you double check your schedule for conflicts with practices, tournaments, and other events. All future conflicts will need to be made with your head coach. Head coaches will reach out soon after all offers have been made.

AAU Membership & Y Membership
All athletes will need an AAU membership to participate in NorthShore Volleyball. Please register for AAU membership. You can sign up here. Use code W34E55 for NorthShore Volleyball Club.

This year, there is no Y Membership required. We have a new agreement with the Y and have a flat-rate rental, so for the first time in years, the player fees will go up. Again, no Y membership is needed to play NorthShore volleyball.