Future Coaches Program

The Future Coaches program prepares athletes to become effective coaches. Participants will be taught about coaching through virtual classes, and eventually, by hands-on coaching.

The virtual classroom will be led by Coach Jordan Bates. Each class will feature various aspects of coaching (e.g. philosophy, practice planning, coaching situations), and most classes will have a special guest (e.g. an experienced coaches, referees, directors, and college/profession athletes). If possible, participants will coach, or assist, youth volleyball teams.

The program is repeatable, as content changes each season.

Program Details / Requirements
– Open to athletes 15 -18 years old
– Series starts Wednesday, November 25, and concludes May 19th.
– Virtual class will meet 2-3 times each month.
– To receive certificate of completion:
– Attended most classes.
– Complete hands-on coaching (if available this season).
– Complete coaching philosophy.
– Cost is $50.

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/UNDSdSvZ1kb1ozMi6

If you have any questions, you can email jordanbbates@gmail.com.