Jordan Bates

Coach Jordan Bates

Coach Jordan Bates

School: Frankfort High School & The Leelanau School

College: University of Michigan, Bachelor of General Studies.

Coaching Experience: I started coaching in the fall of 2015 as a volunteer assistant coach at Frankfort High School. I instantly loved it and couldn’t get enough. Fortunately, I ran into Jen Wright not long after and she introduced me to Travis Baker the director of NorthShore. I co-coached a 14 Blue team in 2016 winter, and then solo coached a 14 Gold team in the Spring. In the fall, I coached the Frankfort JV team. In 2017 and 2018 I coached 14 Gold, and 13 gold teams, and continued to coach at Frankfort. I’m looking forward to more exciting seasons to come!

Why I coach: I started playing volleyball on the beaches of Frankfort when I was 15. I love the game and, it turns out, I really enjoy passing on the love of the game to others.