Beach Volleyball

Register here for our 2019 Beach Volleyball Season!

We will have two practices each week on Tuesday and Thursday in the mornings (between 8am – 10am). These will be two hours long with the majority of time designated to competitive play. Here is our complete schedule.

Tournament and practice schedule.
Tournaments are optional (but highly recommended), and are not part of your fees.
Players can play in any tournaments throughout the country!

The club fees will be $295 for the whole season. Siblings will be $250 each.
This covers coaching, volleyballs, court lines, and other coaching necessities.
This does not cover the cost of tournaments (which are all optional), travel, food, uniforms, personal equipment, AAU membership fees, or anything else really. Tournaments are generally $20-30 per player. Players must be an AAU member to play NorthShore Beach volleyball.

Matching outfits are totally cool, but not necessary.

One Coach, Many Teams
Beach teams consist of only two players, and coaching is not allowed during game play, only during time outs and switching of courts (so about 3 minutes of coaching per an hour match). Having one coach for each two-player team would be very expensive. Additionally, all tournaments are optional to players, so having one coach for many teams will keep costs low, and follow AAU guidelines, while also allowing for the players to just play volleyball.

For players new to NorthShore, the first week of practice will be considered their tryout.  If you are already part of the NorthShore club, you do not need to try out, you are automatically part of the team once you register. 
Tournaments are almost all 2 vs 2. So teams are 2 person teams. The coaches can help you put together a team, but it is best of players who want to play in tournaments ask another player to play with them. 

We will be playing on the Traverse City beach courts (West Bay).

Why Beach Volleyball
Most importantly, it is a ton of fun! It trains players to read the ball, arguably the most important skill in volleyball. It is a great work out, and you get to be on the beach!

If you have any questions, please Facebook message us, or email